How to build and deploy a Facebook Messenger bot with Python and Flask, a tutorial

This is my log of how I built a simple Facebook Messenger bot. The functionality is really simple, it’s an echo bot that will just print back to the user what they write.

This is something akin to the Hello World example for servers, the echo server.

The goal of the project is not to build the best Messenger bot, but rather to get a feel for what it takes to build a minimal bot and how everything comes together.

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Personal Notes on Natural Language Processing, week 1

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions in Practical NLP:
An example is given on how regexps are used in practice in real world case related to NLP.
A link to the open source code with many such examples can be found here.

Word Tokenization

The problem of extracting words from a text body.

Word Tokenization Bash Tools:
Using bash tools to analyse text. Useful programs:

  • tr: Translates text, can perform substitutions
  • sort: Sorts alphanumerically
  • uniq: Groups and counts same words
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How to not make a blog, or how I stopped worrying and love breaking stuff.

Hello there!

These are my thoughts on trying to build a blog with the latest “cool” thing called
GithubPages + Jekyll.

If you have never heard about it before, it’s basically using “free” web hosting on
GithubPages plus a static website generator engine called

There are many great tutorials to get you started, one being an official
Jekyll Guide which gives an overview of how to integrate
the two and a second one, the more analytical by
Jonathan McGlone.

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