Docker for data science, building a simple jupyter container

Posted on Tue 10 October 2017 in tutorial • Tagged with docker, data science, devops

This is the first post on a series covering my findings while exploring containers for Data Science projects.

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How to automate creating high end virtual machines on AWS for data science projects

Posted on Mon 11 September 2017 in tutorial • Tagged with devops, terraform, AWS, data science

This is a log of my findings while trying to automate the creation of Virtual Machines on Amazon Web Services.

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How to build and deploy a Facebook Messenger bot with Python and Flask, a tutorial

Posted on Thu 02 June 2016 in tutorial • Tagged with devops, heroku, messenger, chatbot, github

This is my log of how I built a simple Facebook Messenger bot. The functionality is really simple, it's an echo bot that will just print back to the user what they write.

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